1st Year Mulitrack Recording Studio Workshops Series

First Year Band Recording-4

Term 3 is well under way, and for the 1st year Diploma students; it began with an intensive 3-week workshop series in two of the premier large format, multitrack recording studios at the college.  This workshop series is designed to ensure that the students are appropriately prepared to utilise any of the large format, multitrack recording facilities at the College to complete their band recording assignment.

First Year Band Recording-3

The students were guided through the workflow of both a traditional large format analogue recording studio, as well as that of a fully digital console and work surface.  Thereafter they were provided the opportunity to individually demonstrate their understanding of these facilities through competency assessments.

First Year Band Recording-13

First Year Band Recording-12

The workshop series culminated in a simulated band recording session with live artists in the main room facility, utilizing the analogue Audient ASP 8024 large format inline recording console.   This final workshop was designed to ensure that the students have been exposed to the processes of working with live musicians in a band recording scenario, while under the guidance of our knowledgeable and experienced facilitators.

First Year Band Recording-6

First Year Band Recording-5

Congratulations to all 1st year students, and good luck with your assignment.