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If you’re interested in becoming a full time sound engineer, producer, acoustician, DJ or radio producer, you are at the right place. Choose between world class full time or part time courses for the career of your dreams. Contact for more information on applications.


Gavin Goldberg amazes with his 2 day masterclass

Redbull studios Monday Tuesday 2017-51

It’s not often that you have a multi-platinum award winning sound engineer in your presence, but at Cape Audio College we made that happen for a few lucky people! Having spent a few days in the Abbey Road studio in UK, Gavin Goldberg visited Cape Audio College to convey some of his knowledge and industry experience to attendees of his workshop at Cape Audio College.

On the 9th of November, a crowd of 14 sound engineering enthusiast got together in the famous S6 room at Cape Audio College. You could feel the excitement in the air as the ever-modest Gavin Goldberg entered the studio and Rae De Jager (Head of institution) introduced him to attendees. The story of how Goldberg started his career is absolutely amazing, to say the least. He has a history of successes that he has achieved due to his keen interest in the art of recording and cutting his teeth at Cape Audio College. He talked about his experience working with top artist in the industry including Simply Red, Simple Minds, Daniel Bedingfield, Neil Young and a list of international artists.


Gavin Goldberg 2 Day Advanced Masterclass

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On the 9th ad 10th of November, Cape Audio College will be hosting a workshop by one of our old graduates, Multi Platinum Award Winning Gavin Goldberg. He has worked with names including Simply Red, Avril Lavigne, Neil Young, Simple Minds, Britney Spears and Daniel Beddingfield to name only a few.

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