Magic in the air as Open Day 21 October is announced

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Want to become a TOP professional AUDIO ENGINEER or PRODUCER?  Then you only need ask yourself:

  • WHO offers you the most practical, hands-on training in ALL aspects of sound engineering and production?
  • WHO gives you real-world EXPERIENCE working on LIVE gigs, commercials and on our very own Campus Radio Station?
  • WHO also helps top graduates find EMPLOYMENT with top companies?

NO SURPRISE! It’s Cape Audio College, South Africa’s LEADING Institute of Sound Technology, for 21 years now!

Saturday October 21st is the last OPEN DAY this year. The last chance for you (and your family and friends) to check-out our world-class studios and facilities, meet our top Academic team, and register for the career of your dreams!

If this blog reads a bit like a ‘RADIO COMMERCIAL’, it’s because… the very words above have already been carefully crafted and produced into a highly polished radio ad ready for broadcast over the weekend and the week leading up to OPEN DAY!


The Making of a ‘Magic’ Radio Ad

Whole team RP1 Picture

RAE de JAGER (Head of Institute): “This October, over the last holiday break, we gave a group of our best students the opportunity to extend their portfolios – working up some new radio commercial magic – announcing our forthcoming OPEN DAY on Saturday 21st October. ”

The hard-selling radio spot will be broadcast over 2 weeks on the popular ‘MAGIC 828’ AM radio station and on our own Campus Radio Station.

Jamie Hull Picture

The spot is a very tight 40 seconds in duration. And Greg Smith – the veteran adman and copywriter who led the recording sessions, certainly made every second count. The concept, as well as energy and feel of the end product is superb… world-class!”

GREG SMITH: “The script was intended to be very challenging, demanding expert editing and equally tight voice performances. Once again I am amazed by the extremely positive can-do attitude of the selected student team.Rickileigh Picture

Chad Niewenhuis, an experienced college intern, guided and greatly assisted the student audio engineers. He also freed me up to concentrate on the final creative product, and directing the voice artists – who are also all students of the college.”

Redbull studios Monday Tuesday 2017-31


RAE de JAGER: “It’s this ‘hands-on’ approach – in all our courses and special projects – that equips and enables our graduates to not only succeed in finding employment in the real world, but also, to rise swiftly to the top, in their chosen fields.

Proof of our success is the fact that, each year, Cape Audio College manages to assist top graduates in finding employment – both locally and internationally.  Last year alone, Cape Audio College managed to place no less than 40 top graduates with top companies! “Rae and Greg Rp1

You Can’t Afford To Miss THIS EXPERIENCE!

If you’re serious about becoming a top audio engineer, producer, DJ or broadcaster, DON’T MISS ‘OPEN DAY’ on October 21st from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. 


Get with the PROGRAMME!

There are guided tours throughout the day and 2 inspiring ‘Institutional Overview’ presentations by Rae de Jager – at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Parents, guardians, family and friends are welcome to join you.

If you can’t wait for Open Day, you can always visit our website and ENROL TODAY!

Hear Here!

Take a LISTEN to our OPEN DAY radio spot.

Simply click on the play button below.


Further Listening

This year, GREG SMITH celebrates 5 YEARS of mentoring students in a real-world COMMERCIAL RADIO CAMPAIGN PRODUCTION experience. Click on the link to hear this year’s amazing RP1 project work.

Click this link

Work Based learning


On 26 and 27th of September Cape Audio College hosted a work based learning experience to a few scholars who are interested in the music industry. Cape Audio College invited scholars from all over the Western Cape to attend and registrations took place throughout September. Karien, Marvin and Chad, from Cape Audio College, hosted the programme to showcase what the college has to offer.

On the 26th of September the workshop kicked off with a tour of our facilities. The tour always creates excitement about the possibilities of studying at Cape Audio College. After the tour, attendees met inside the Lecture room where a quick workshop on DJing was presented by Chad. Attendees had a break and were then met by Marvin for a session on live sound.

The 27th was left open for production. Attendees had the opportunity to put their minds together and create a track of their own. With Chad and Karien guiding them through the process, the attendees were able to create a song from scratch. The day ended off with a few photos of the attendees and review of their experience. This is what the attendees had to say about their time at Cape Audio College:


“I’ve been at the college a couple of times. This shadow (experience) was so interesting and really opened my eyes. I recently got into the music making and singing and this workshop gave me quite a lot of experience and insight. Thank you!””

Tegan Gibava

“I (thank) Cape Audio College for the career day workshop. I learned a lot of things. I enjoyed this workshop (and) all of the session, it was good! I appreciate the (effort from) the lecturers, they were so kind and very friendly. Thank you so much guys!””

Mpange Abongile

“I had so much fun, plus I learned a lot. More specifically on the music theory part. My brain is full of chords and scales. Hope I’ll come back next year and study the course.”

Naledi Mohale

“Studio Sessions was pretty good in terms of beat making. To finish up the song in one day, that was an awesome experience.”

Siboussiso Macambisa



All hands in the air for SpringJam!

First Year Band Recording-6 (2)

The whole Durbanville shook this past Saturday as the bass bins of Cape Audio College were pumping local talent. Crowds from all over the Cape Peninsula joined together at Hillcrest Quarry in Durbanville for the 2017 Cape Audio College SpringJam.

First Year Band Recording-3 First Year Band Recording-7 First Year Band Recording-21

SpringJam is the brainchild of the Student Council of 2017. Dean and Rickileigh from the Cape Audio College SRC had a team of strong individuals who worked really hard to put together a successful event. Promotion for the SpringJam started in August and acts for the day were released every week building up to the festival.

First Year Band Recording-28

SpringJam started early on Saturday afternoon when Welcome to the Underground got the music going. Welcome to the Underground consist of several DJ’s who also form part of the Hip Hop Society at Cape Audio College. Onevan Wade followed with tantalizing beats and then Well Done Sun got the feet stomping to some rock beats. Synergy entertained the crowd with some soul soothing music after Well Done Sun and then Jimm Harisson Project jazzed up the vibe with some Blues/Rock melodies. Ketchy Shuby pumped up the crowd from the start and warmed them up for The Rudimentals who filled the stage with an 11 piece band and one ridiculously good set.

First Year Band Recording-13 First Year Band Recording-19

DAHC took over from the Rudimentals and attendees could enjoy some drum and bass sets at its best. Cape Audio College friend and regular visitor, Grimehouse, really had the party-goers on their feet when he came on stage with his famous mask and heart racing music.

First Year Band Recording-42 First Year Band Recording-53

First Year Band Recording-29 (2)

The evening was ended off with Kage and Mew Zu on the decks. New to the scene, but outstanding to the ear. These DJ’s really know how to please a crowd. This year’s SpringJam is definitely the event of the year and we really look forward to seeing you at the next Cape Audio College SRC event.

First Year Band Recording-63 (2) First Year Band Recording-33 (2)