Cape Audio College representing at Cannes 2017


Three members of Cape Audio College including Gaston Roulsone, Yan Sanchez and Stefan Smuts where part of the sound for The First Week which is going to the Cannes 2017 awards. Read more on News24:

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Open day 27 May

It is always exciting to see how months of planning and making arrangements all come together on one day. That was definitely the case with the Cape Audio College open day on 27 May 2017. CAC’s open days are always one to remember, especially considering the number of people who attended, the vibe between the prospective students, and then obviously the activities that took place on the day.


On the 27th of May, Cape Audio College opened its doors to the public and people showed up in crowds. At 09:30, half an hour before the start of our open day, queues where forming outside as excited scholars were waiting in anticipation for the doors to open. Once the doors opened, groups of people entered and they all went up to our lounge to enjoy coffee and biscuits.


IMG_4203 IMG_4206

At 10am the first group of students were taken on a tour of the Cape Audio College campus. Guests could relax in our lounge while several groups where being shown around. At 11am Rae De Jager did a presentation in the Auditorium. He had a chat with students and parents about the variety of courses to follow at Cape Audio College, the work the college has done so far and the students who are currently working in the field of music.


Due to the large number of students attending, the day ended a bit later than anticipated. The last tour took place at 14:00. There were many questions from interested parents. This day was definitely one for the records and we look forward to having our next open day soon. If you would like to register for our next open day or want to know more about Cape Audio College applications, please contact




Registration for One Year Sound Engineering Course Open

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New Higher Certificate banner with disk

If you have not yet enrolled for our One Year Sound Engineering Course, now is the time! This course is a one-year higher certificate course that gives a great introduction to the craft of audio engineering though theory lectures and practical hands-on training. The exit level outcomes of this qualification are designed to ensure a competence level that will create opportunities for internships in the workplace, employment, possibilities and progression to further higher education studies.

For more information, please contact or phone 021 448 8383/4. Course to start on 17th July 2017.