1st Year Mulitrack Recording Studio Workshops Series

First Year Band Recording-4

Term 3 is well under way, and for the 1st year Diploma students; it began with an intensive 3-week workshop series in two of the premier large format, multitrack recording studios at the college.  This workshop series is designed to ensure that the students are appropriately prepared to utilise any of the large format, multitrack recording facilities at the College to complete their band recording assignment.

First Year Band Recording-3

The students were guided through the workflow of both a traditional large format analogue recording studio, as well as that of a fully digital console and work surface.  Thereafter they were provided the opportunity to individually demonstrate their understanding of these facilities through competency assessments.

First Year Band Recording-13

First Year Band Recording-12

The workshop series culminated in a simulated band recording session with live artists in the main room facility, utilizing the analogue Audient ASP 8024 large format inline recording console.   This final workshop was designed to ensure that the students have been exposed to the processes of working with live musicians in a band recording scenario, while under the guidance of our knowledgeable and experienced facilitators.

First Year Band Recording-6

First Year Band Recording-5

Congratulations to all 1st year students, and good luck with your assignment.


The RP1’s five year walk to success

RP1 group

The past 5 years Gregg Smith has been part of Cape Audio College and this year, his team of of highly ambitious students made a great success of radio production.

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Crescendo Songwriters Workshop


In South Africa we are fortunate enough to have 11 national languages. In turn, this influences the literature, accents and the musical genres of our country. Last week Crescendo celebrated the Afrikaans music industry by inviting a group of Afrikaans songwriters to a workshop held in Potchefstroom. Jan-Hendrik Fourie from Cape Audio College had the privilege of being invited to this workshop.


Songwriters from all over South Africa including Cape Town, Oudschoorn, George, Kimberley, Johannesburg and Pretoria came together at the Raaswater Lodge in Potchefstroom to attend a workshop offered by several role players in the music industry. The mentors of this workshop included producer Melissa Van Der Spuy, singer/songwriters Anna Davel and Deon Meiring and rappers Hemelbesem, Die Hooflig and Oxyjin. The mentors presented sessions relevant to the South African music industry including songwriting classes, musical business classes and promotional tips and tricks to get your music out there.




Attendees of this workshop had to write between 9 – 12 different songs as part of the workshop and present their music to the rest of the workshop attendees. Each attendee had 40-60 min to write each song and the topic was different each time. On Friday attendees had to team up with another participant to write songs together. The songwriters faced several different challenges when it came to their songs, but fortunately the mentors offered their expertise and assisted where they could.


The last Saturday evening was show time as the attendees had to write their final song for the workshop. Each attendee had the opportunity to perform their special song in front of the cameras and other attendees. This gave the mentors an idea of the capabilities of each writer. At the end of the evening everyone gathered together and enjoyed a last “free styling session” together before ending off the evening with a well-deserved glass of wine.


We thank the ATKV association for their initiative and contribution to the South African and Afrikaans music industry and the Crescendo Songwriters Competition. Their involvement in this project helped develop the skills of some of South Africa’s younger and upcoming songwriters. The finals of this competition will take place between 4 – 10 December.



Written by: Jan-Hendrik

Cape Audio College