Career Day Workshop steals the show


Many teenagers aspire to be successful one day, some of them dream about becoming the next Alon Musk whereas others go for Michael Jordan. There are however a group of individuals who have a never ending beat in their heart that will not be satisfied unless being cured by the art of music. We entertained a group of beat-hungry individuals with our Career day workshop.


On the 1st of April Cape Audio College had a career day workshop. Interested scholars and public had the opportunity to experience the Cape Audio College campus facilities first hand. On arrival, scholars were met by the staff and given a tour of the CAC premises. A tour of the campus always excites new visitors and creates a feeling of endless possibilities.


The tour ended on a high note in the famous S6 room where many chart hitting music has been produced. Chad and Caleb (employees of Cape Audio College) explained the different types of setups that the room is used for as well as the processing capabilities of its state of the art recording system.


After the tour, everyone moved to the lecturer room where the prospective sound technicians could create some beats of their own on Ableton Live. Students were given synths and midi controllers and could do some producing of their own. The songs where then inspected and tips where given on how to improve technique. After the intensive Ableton-session, attendees could enjoy snacks served and the Café area. Participants shared their ideas and made new friends.


We’re looking forward to our next career day workshop. We’re having our open day on the 27th of May 2017. We’ll be having tours of the campus for the whole day. Remember to register by emailing your name and number to