Modern music production course

The course is focused on the modern music producer. With advent of digital music production and recording the rolls of the modern record and electronic music producer have dramatically changes over the last 5 years. Computer processing power has greatly improved giving the bedroom producer and bands the opportunity to compete on a global scale. The focus of this course is new age record production with topics covering Remixing, producing and recording new age bands and modern Electronic music production.

The music industry has changed dramatically in the 21st century and the Internet has given a platform for creative and talented artists to get noticed thereby becoming overnight sensations. South African music is at a pinnacle as never before in the history of our industry have we been able to keep up with the information and changes in musical trends. Artists can have access to Sound Cloud accounts, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds immediately giving them access to the latest new album and music video releases instantly.

The Cape Audio College has always been at the cutting edge of South African music industry and with the advent of the Modern Music Production course we aim to continue with this legacy. The topics covered in the course will not only give you access to the Industry standard Digital Audio Workstation and Digital production software but also to the great analogue recording studios. This will help you as a producer to broaden you creative talents by having the ability to not only arrange and sequence you music but record Artists and musicians, thereby taking your production to an international level and beyond. Also included are guest lectures and workshops giving you the opportunity to directly engage with a variety of Industry professionals covering topics such as, Film score, modern Rock and electronic production to Publishing and copy write.

The course is structured over 16 Weeks and 22 Lectures. Students attending will have access to the recording studios and edit labs during practical times in the evenings as well as the edit labs during normal business hours.

Topics Covered Include:

Studio Layout
Outboard equipment
Production equipment
Digital Audio Workstations
Effects Processors
Effects Plug-ins
Virtual Instruments

Audio Engineering Basics
The Role of the Sound Engineer
Working with Recording Artists
Working with session musicians
The Digital and Analogue Recording chain
Creating Sonically Professional Productions & Recordings

Music Sequencing and Arrangements
Remix assessment and production techniques
Sequencing and Arrangement
Instrument and voice recording techniques
Tempo and Time signature
Harmonies and chord structure

Pro Tools DAW production
Ableton Live, studio and live gig productions
MIDI and virtual instruments
Audio Elastic timing and Warping techniques
Producing music for Film, Television and Advertising
Home and Professional studio acoustics and equipment

The modern music business
Marketing and Distribution
Online resources and Marketing
Finance and budget planning
Music associations
Working with record labels
Collection and distribution of royalties
Music industry management
Publishing and Copyright
From concept to Reality
Finding and developing musical Talent
Working in a modern recording studio
Music equipment
Working with record label A&R Management and executives
Business planning
Building and marketing your brand
How to be noticed as a professional music producer.

Course Duration
4 Months

Lecture Times:
Lectures will be held 1 evenings a week from 18h00 to 21h00. Monday.

Studio Time:
18H00 - 22H00 Tuesdays and Thursdays.

NOTE: The 1st two weeks will consist of theory lectures only.


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