The Pro Tools Master Class

Cape Audio College has been teaching Pro Tools for over a decade and facilitates the most experienced instructors in the business. Take your Pro Tools skills to the next level with the Pro Tools Master Class. The only one of itís kind in the country offering incredible value, ensuring you are a cut above the rest in terms of employability and skill levels. This program is open to sound engineering graduates, industry professionals and anyone with previous Pro Tools experience. The Pro Tools Master Class is a must if you would like to further your Pro Tools knowledge and really get to grips with this industry standard digital audio  workstation.

The Pro Tools Master Class offers a great opportunity to learn and master the new features of Pro Tools software upgrades as they become available. Immerse yourself in the world of Pro Tools, become an ace operator!! Take your skills to new heights, discover the incredible power of Pro Tools with the Cape Audio College Pro Tools Master Class.

With the widest studio user base internationally and locally, Pro Tools is an essential tool for audio based productions in a wide field of career choices. From recording, mixing, mastering engineers to audio visual sound design, dialogue editing and electronic based music production. Give yourself ahead start in the audio industry with the Cape Audio College Pro Tools Masters Class.

Digidesign Pro Tools is the industry leader in digital audio workstations and is accepted as the industry standard both internationally and in South Africa. Covering a wide range of audio productions from music recording, post production, gaming audio and radio broadcast. Pro Tools has a wide acclaimed user base from Nine inch nails, Dr Dre, DJ Vadim, George Lucas, Timberland, Just Blaze, Placebo, Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson and Jamiroquai just to mention a few.

Careers in Audio
 With the growing entertainment industry  the way it is, the demand for media professional's is increasing every year.  Audio engineering covers a large foundation and can be adapted to serve one well in a variety of careers. Read More

Studio Gallery
Our 13 state of the art studios will ensure your development in the technical field of sound engineering. This truly is the most well equipped training facility in the country. Have a look for yourself.

Students Work
Some great music comes out of our studios. As part of the course work students produce local bands which often results in some pretty serious sounding music. Have a listen to some of the better ones here. Read More


Syllabus Structure 

System configuration
Advanced session layout 
Advanced view configuration
Advanced workflow procedure
System optimization
Advanced MIDI techniques
MIDI production with virtual instruments
MIDI production with outboard
Advanced Rewire techniques
Sampling with software samplers
Advanced recording techniques
Advanced mixing and editing techniques
Mixing with I/O
Advanced routing
Advanced fade techniques
Combining plug-ins and outboard effects
Advanced automation techniques
Advanced group techniques
Working with play lists



Multi Quicktime video operation

Advanced dialogue editing
Advance sound design
Working with short cuts
Session interchange
File interchange with other DAW software
Dynamic voicing
Hardware selection
Plug-in selection
System compatibility
Working with Digitranslator
Digi Design control surface integration
Fault finding procedures
Compensating for latency 
Navigation of Digi Designs web site


Course Duration
8 Weeks Totaling: 63 Hours – Starting

07-07-2011 to 15-09-2011

Lecture Times:
Lectures will be held Monday evenings from 14H00 to 17H00.

Studio Time:
4 Hours per week on Wednesdays from 09H00 to 17H00.

Course Structure:
Monday – Theory Lectures 3 hours for the 1st 4 weeks. There after, Practical Based Tuition Wednesday – Practical studio time for 4 hours.



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