The Live room

The live room is a stunning live recording area with all wooden floors and and very high ceilings. This Live room can be utilized from 3 separate studios. Drums sounds are fantastic, the room its self is big enough to fit 100 people, so a small orchestra or medium sized choir is no problem at all. Superb acoustic design allow instruments to sound full and rich avoiding the common "tinny ness" of amateur recordings. There are enough inputs to record an entire live band and up to two separate isolation booths provide enough separation to record guitar cabinets while recording drums next door. Many a professional recording has been captured in this room, some have claimed it to be be best sounding live space in Cape Town. Due to the immense size of the Live room, workshops and lectures can take a new form by incorporating large format practical lessons like drum recording and live band recording. The room is complete with mic stands, mobile reflectors and absorbers as well as the store room where the microphones are kept. The College has a large range of professional microphones including valve and condenser mics from Neumann, AKG, Shure, Audix and Rode, than can be booked out from the store manager and used for any kind of audio production.  A big room with a lot of warmth but remember to please protect the floor.

Images of the live room



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