The heart of studio 2 is based around a Digidesign Pro Tools interface and control surface The value of this industry standard enables students to gain real world experience using the same operating systems that are employed in studios all over the world. An experienced engineer is an employable one and with studio two's ultra versatile system, techniques can be gained and practiced in many disciplines associated with audio technology. Studio 2 is also attached to the main live recording area which enables live band recording and multi-track over dubbing. Extra layering can be achieved using the dedicated isolation booth on the right of the console. And with premium Focusrite microphone preamps sounds can be captured in extraordinary quality and manipulated using the latest in Pro Tools technology.

A Huge aspect of the audio industry is audio post production for film and television. Studio 2 is fitted with the latest in LCD video playback and is designed to replicate professional audio visual post production studios. This real world system really does provide students with the needed knowledge when migrating to a permanent position at a commercial post production studio. Studio 2 offers acoustic treatment and world class reproduction through the ever famous Yamaha NS-10m studio monitors, a staple in any world class control room.


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Our 13 state of the art studios will ensure your development in the technical field of sound engineering. This truly is the most well equipped training facility in the country. Have a look for yourself.

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Some great music comes out of our studios. As part of the course work students produce local bands which often results in some pretty serious sounding music. Have a listen to some of the better ones here. Read More

Studio 2 Equipment list

Yamaha NS-10m studio monitors
Boss SX-700 Effects processor
Digidesign Digi003
Technics cassette player
Behringer noise gates
Behringer Composer Compressor
Fostex headphone

Focusrite Octo-pre
CD player
Roland XP-10 Keyboard
Phillips LCD video output
DV output
2 x Stanton T-80 turntables
Stanton M-202 Dj mixer.
Yamaha amplification

Images of Studio 2
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