Our second full featured recording studio. The famous and extremely widely used Mackie 8 buss mixing console provides the centrepiece for this digital analogue hybrid studio. With 48 analogue channels and sixteen digital I/O's, you can be sure of the maximum amount versatility when recording and mixing. Experience on this system is crucial as many of the industry standard mixers are based on the Mackie system. Gaining experience in this room will provide skill in the fields of recording, mixing, live sound, post production, music production and voice over recording. Studio one features a good sized, dedicated live area with enough inputs to track a full band. With a versatile and cutting edge  Pro Tools system, studio one will always be a great audio environment tucked away at the back of the college where the knowledge hungry audio enthusiast can hone his or her skills.

Studio 1 is fitted with full video post production facilities including duel split screen monitoring and DV output with video playback. And with the world industry standard Yamaha monitoring system you can trust that your work will sound great no matter where you are playing it back

Careers in Audio
 With the growing entertainment industry  the way it is, the demand for media professional's is increasing every year.  Audio engineering covers a large foundation and can be adapted to serve one well in a variety of careers. Read More

Studio Gallery
Our 13 state of the art studios will ensure your development in the technical field of sound engineering. This truly is the most well equipped training facility in the country. Have a look for yourself.

Students Work
Some great music comes out of our studios. As part of the course work students produce local bands which often results in some pretty serious sounding music. Have a listen to some of the better ones here. Read More

Studio 1 equipment list.

Mackie 8 buss 48 channel mixing consol.
Yamaha NS10m Studio monitors
Macintosh Pro with Pro Tools 9
Ensoniqu DP2 multi effects
Boss SX 700 Effects processor
Behringer composer compressor
dBx 266XL compressor
Phonic compressor


Behringer multigate
Digidesign Digi002 audio interface
Fotex RD-8 ADAT recorder
Phillips CD player
NAD amplification
2 Phillips LCD monitors
Roland XP-10

Images of Studio 1
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