Rocking Out At The Shadowfax Halloween Party

Halloween is a time for dressing up and a time for rocking out. This year Cape Audio College, in partnership with Mercury Live sent our Live Society team to make sure that the audio and the visuals for the 2016 Shadowfax Halloween party were spot on. So when the bands started playing, everything ran like it should at any professional gig.

Under the watchful eye of our Live Sound Director Terence Collings and our Live Sound Assistant
Wayne Dennis, the team started on Monday with basic maintenance of the audio gear that we have installed in Mercury. Rather than cutting it fine with last minute preparations, we prefer to teach our students that being organised and prepared is all part of being a world class live sound engineer. Our students and one of our ex-students made sure that everything was setup correctly for each band which was a breeze for them thanks to the in-depth training that they have receive at Cape Audio College. Yan Sanchez who heads up our Student Training & Development program also lent a hand in organising and running the visuals for the evening.

The bands for the night included Caelo, Morning Pages, Ohgod and Deity’s Muse who came down from Johannesburg. Once the bands had finished it was time for two of our staff members to take over and entertain the crowd with some Drum & Bass and some Dubstep. Our very own Deputy Head Gaston Roulstone AKA the Beat Warrior took to the decks first for another one of his awesome live Drum & Bass sets. He was followed by our Technical Head, Devon Swart AKA Citrus AF who played his first live gig in a club that night. For his first show ever, he did really well and hopefully he will carry on playing live shows and will keep the Cape Audio flag flying high. Both Beat Warrior and Citrus AF play every Friday on The Bass Pod on Cape Audio Campus Radio . You can catch them every Friday live from 11am to 4pm.

We would like to thank Mercury Live and Shadowfax Entertainment for the opportunity for our students to gain some more vital real world experience. Hopefully the party will be bigger and better next year.