Work Based learning


On 26 and 27th of September Cape Audio College hosted a work based learning experience to a few scholars who are interested in the music industry. Cape Audio College invited scholars from all over the Western Cape to attend and registrations took place throughout September. Karien, Marvin and Chad, from Cape Audio College, hosted the programme to showcase what the college has to offer.

On the 26th of September the workshop kicked off with a tour of our facilities. The tour always creates excitement about the possibilities of studying at Cape Audio College. After the tour, attendees met inside the Lecture room where a quick workshop on DJing was presented by Chad. Attendees had a break and were then met by Marvin for a session on live sound.

The 27th was left open for production. Attendees had the opportunity to put their minds together and create a track of their own. With Chad and Karien guiding them through the process, the attendees were able to create a song from scratch. The day ended off with a few photos of the attendees and review of their experience. This is what the attendees had to say about their time at Cape Audio College:


“I’ve been at the college a couple of times. This shadow (experience) was so interesting and really opened my eyes. I recently got into the music making and singing and this workshop gave me quite a lot of experience and insight. Thank you!””

Tegan Gibava

“I (thank) Cape Audio College for the career day workshop. I learned a lot of things. I enjoyed this workshop (and) all of the session, it was good! I appreciate the (effort from) the lecturers, they were so kind and very friendly. Thank you so much guys!””

Mpange Abongile

“I had so much fun, plus I learned a lot. More specifically on the music theory part. My brain is full of chords and scales. Hope I’ll come back next year and study the course.”

Naledi Mohale

“Studio Sessions was pretty good in terms of beat making. To finish up the song in one day, that was an awesome experience.”

Siboussiso Macambisa