Cape Audio College Live and Direct on Fire.

The cape audio college live sound society /Live and Direct has been super busy lately doing gigs all around Cape Town and the Western Cape. This weekend alone the live sound crew consisting of students and staff have been involved in no less than 6 real world live events. We were running the stage and sound requirements for the Constantia Gift fair, Providing sound and tech support for Closet Snare at District, a distinguished club in the city center, sound provision for Devine Purpose, a large community event held over a number of days in Retreat, provision of sound requirements for a fashion show at the Design Academy of Fashion at Roodebloem Studios and we also provided sound for prolific band Echo and the Merry Men at Temple Israel.

Cape Audio College is very proud of our live sound engineering students who are constantly cutting their teeth in the real word of live sound production that is facilitated by our extensive high end PA equipment. If you want to learn to do live sound you need to get real world experience and there is no better way than with the Cape Audio College’s live sound society Live and Direct. The society provides a platform for Cape Audio students to gain vital real world experience on a multitude of events providing sound to international acts as well as top local artists and prolific events around the Western Cape.

If you want to open doors to the world of live sound and make your dreams a reality and secure a top job in the live sound industry enroll at Cape Audio College now. Get involved in the Live Sound Society and join many of our current students and past graduates who are employed and making a name for themselves in this dynamic and exciting industry.