Leading the way with the Avid S6

Always striving to offer our students the best training facilities available in South Africa, we invested heavily in a new state of the art studio with one of the most cutting edge control surfaces on the market, the Avid S6. The Avid S6 redefined mixing when it was launched, and offers engineers a modular design that can be expanded upon for their needs. Naturally coming from Avid, the S6 pairs perfectly with their Pro Tools software, making it perfect for our needs as we are an Avid certified training facility and offer higher levels of Pro Tools training.

Setting the bar high, we lead the pack as the first audio institute in the world to install an S6 control surface into a studio, and being forward thinking we were among the first ten production units to come from Avid. We even featured on Avid’s website under the elite few in their Pro Mixing Gallery. Our decision to go for a digital control surface was due to the fact that we already have an analogue Audient ASP 8024 installed in one of our studios, and felt that it was important for our students to be able to train on both analogue and digital systems.

But the Avid S6 is just a control surface and it needs the right gear to power it, so we built a whole new studio and crammed it with top of the line gear to go with it. Our S6 suite also features a double volume live room with three dedicated isolation booths (150sqm), which have all been acoustically treated to provide excellent sound control and can accommodate even the largest of bands.

The S6 suite is now a dedicated training environment for our third year students who are studying our Diploma in Sound Technology and Production. Since the installation of our S6 control surface, we have gone on to develop a new approach to our advanced audio engineering training, giving the students an opportunity to develop their knowledge on a world class control surface that will greatly benefit their careers. But our S6 Suite is also seeing action from professional engineers and some of South Africa’s more well-known artists during its down time, two of The Rudimentals tracks that were recorded in our S6 studio went on to make it to the top spot of the 5fm Top 40 music charts.