Cape Audio College at Up the Creek 2018

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If you’re a beach bum, looking for a good excuse to tan your legs and have a listen to the finest music that Cape Town has to offer, then Up the Creek is definitely for you. Each year Cape Town music lovers get together on a farm, right outside Swellendam to celebrate the variety of talent that Cape Town has to offer.

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Each year more than 40 bands across the South Africa are showcased at this exciting event. Attendees enjoy floating on their lilo’s while enjoying the beats of the most loved artist from across the country. Cape Audio College was involved with this year’s festivities. Together with the well-known audio/visual specialists, Eastern Acoustics, Cape Audio College helped create the best possible sound during the weekend’s festivities.

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Graduates of Cape Audio College including Zola, Connor, Chad and one of our own staff members, Terence Collings worked really hard to ensure that the sound during each performance ran smooth as silk. Cape Audio College provided the PA at the river stage and controlled the monitors at main stage. The ex-graduates ensured that all the band’s request was met and that optical sound was produced during each performance.

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If you would like to start the career of your dreams and be part of similar events, register today at Cape Audio College for our 3 Year Diploma or our 1 Year Higher Certificate and become part of the legendary Cape Audio College Live Society.