Cape Audio College Empowers Young Artist

Built on the foundation of collaboration and creating opportunity, IMG have furthered their company goals in the local music and entertainment industry in Cape Town through their recent partnership with industry stalwarts.

Redbull studios Monday Tuesday 2017

On Saturday 21 April, the IMG team’s materialisation of collaborative efforts saw the coming together of emerging giants through IMG’s SAHHA nominated King Slave Boris, Dante Thee Dante, Well@ and Procezz alongside all female duo Unscripted (a recent talent discovery), along with double-SAHHA nominee, Super Producer Lynex Beats at Cape Audio College.

Redbull studios Monday Tuesday 2017-3Redbull studios Monday Tuesday 2017-7

Joining all the way from a successful Johannesburg trip was the gifted Hip Hop duo Dubz X Carter (DXC) and Super Producer Max.

In the ranks leading from the production front was all-round talent Caleb Stevens, Sound Engineer x Super Producer x Musician ensuring the finest of quality to the studio filled musical talents.

Redbull studios Monday Tuesday 2017-4 Redbull studios Monday Tuesday 2017-9

Leading from a business front through their recent brand coalition, Gideon Jay and Hip Hop Queen Celestè Mitchell (Goodhope FM) ensured the auspicious “coming together” project was executed to the tee, with CTV hostess MelRock Lizzo (A Walk With Mel channel 263), videographer Ricardo and DRC native Frank Cool documenting the day’s events.

Redbull studios Monday Tuesday 2017-6

The studio session sponsored by Monster Energy Drinks was a fine example of creative brilliance fueled by relentless efforts to bridge musical and technical divides with the common goal of progression through unity, collaboration and like-minded teamwork.

We look forward to backing the architecture shaping the future of Cape Town’s music scene!

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