Demoing The New Pioneer DJ TOUR1 System

When it comes to professional DJ equipment, no other name bares as much weight as Pioneer. Their CDJ’s and XDJ’s have been a firm favourite for DJ’s across the globe. We had the opportunity to demo their latest bit of kit at our campus, the CDJ-TOUR1 and the DJM-TOUR1 mixer. So we decided to invite some of the biggest names in the local DJ scene to spend an evening testing out the new gear and to see what they thought of Pioneer’s latest addition. (more…)

First Akai MPC Touch in South Africa

Working closely with professional audio manufacturers is what sets Cape Audio College apart. We recently received the very first Akai MPC Touch in South Africa and we are quite impressed with what Akai has delivered in their latest high-end MPC. Taking it straight to our state of the art S6 studio we proceeded to make an unboxing video with our Drum & Bass enthusiast and Deputy Head Gaston Roulstone. (more…)

Testing out the JBL 7 Series monitors

Having worked closely with the audio industry for the better part of two decades has allowed us to build up relationships with the top manufactures in the world. JBL is a house hold name when it comes to the audio industry. Whether it is a live sound or a studio setup, JBL has a solution to suit your needs. Their new 7 Series monitors are no exception to the rule and are perfect for post and broadcasting production studios. We were very fortunate to receive a set of LSR708i reference monitors to test in our state of the art S6 studio. (more…)

A new era with Roland Aira

We have a long standing relationship with Paul Bothner Music and when they called us about the new Roland Aira gear last year we didn’t hesitate for the chance to test out the Aira range. Roland has been at the forefront of the synthesis world for over four decades, and we were extremely excited to test out their latest gear. We were very fortunate to have been sponsored the TB-3, a performance-ready bass synthesizer, the System-1, a plug-out modular synthesizer, the TR-8, a performance rhythm machine, and the MX-1, an 18-channel performance mixer. Now, with all of our courses teaching music production at different levels, we feel that it is very important for our students to experience different gear from different manufactures, as it broadens their horizons in terms of music production knowledge and practical skills. (more…)

Leading the way with the Avid S6

Always striving to offer our students the best training facilities available in South Africa, we invested heavily in a new state of the art studio with one of the most cutting edge control surfaces on the market, the Avid S6. The Avid S6 redefined mixing when it was launched, and offers engineers a modular design that can be expanded upon for their needs. Naturally coming from Avid, the S6 pairs perfectly with their Pro Tools software, making it perfect for our needs as we are an Avid certified training facility and offer higher levels of Pro Tools training. (more…)

Shure 75th Anniversary Model 5575LE

We were super excited when the guys at Wild and Marr got hold of us and told us that they had a very special Shure mic for us. Little did we know that it would be a limited edition 75th Anniversary Model 55 that would be making its way to Cape Audio College. (more…)