Music Composition And Production With Gabi Le Roux

This week we had legendary producer Gabi Le Roux at Cape Audio College to do a lecture on music composition and production. Gabi Le Roux is the owner and the creative heart of Kaleido-Media and has worked with artists such as Mandoza, Lebo Mathosa, Danny K and Brenda Fassie. With a passion for production and years of professional experience in the industry, Gabi was the perfect person to come in as a guest lecturer for our second year Diploma in Sound Technology and Production students. (more…)

Orientation Week – Higher Certificate in Sound Technology

Last week our 2015 Higher Certificate in Sound Technology kicked off and now that our enthusiastic students have completed their orientation week, they are ready to kick off their intensive year of learning. Our Higher Certificate in Sound Technology is a one year course that gives students a great introduction into the world of Sound Engineering. The course is a carefully structured mix of theory lectures and practical hands on training. These two elements combined, ensure that our students are competent to enter the audio industry. (more…)

Experience Creative Woodstock: 36 Hour Film Project 2015

Running for its third year, the Experience Creative Woodstock project is a collaboration between five of Cape Town’s top creative colleges. Students have 36 hours to write, film, edit and render a short film on the topic of “what makes Woodstock the creative hub of Cape Town”. Students from each collage are divided into five teams that have to work together to create a 5min short film for the hectic 36 hour deadline. The concept is to capture the essence of Woodstock and how Woodstock has been developing as the creative hub of Cape Town. (more…)

My City By Night & Cape Audio College Competition Winner: Christopher Swartz

Congratulations to Christopher Swartz for winning the Cape Audio College & My City By Night Competition. The competition was simple, answer the question on the My City By Night competition page and you could win a one year Higher Certificate course in Sound Technology at Cape Audio College. After reading through everyone’s answer on the difference between a music producer and a sound engineer, we chose a winner and a runner up for this year’s competition. Christopher Swartz had a great answer to our question and after an interview with the head of Cape Audio College Rae De Jager, we felt that he was the perfect candidate for the prize. (more…)

The Rebirth of Mercury

The name Mercury is synonymous with live music in the Mother City and has been a landmark for music lovers for over a decade. So we were extremely sad to hear that it would be closing its doors last month due to failed bail outs. Does that mean that it’s the end of an era, the end of a club that gave so many small bands their first gigs, was it going to follow suit and disappear like so many other great live venues? (more…)

The Rudimentals return with Rudeboy Style

Cape Audio College and The Rudimentals have a long standing relationship that spans over half a decade after we sponsored the band some recording time in our studios. This in turn has flourished into a personal and professional relationship that has seen continuous creative work between the band and our talented staff members. (more…)