Winning Big At The 48 Hour Film Project 2016

With the 48 Hour Film Project done and dusted we headed to Woodstock Eatery for the award ceremony on the 3rd of September to see how our film had done. We landed up doing really well and took home an impressive six awards for 2016. Representing Cape Audio College was our very own Deputy Head Gaston Roulstone, Yan Sanchez who handles Student Training & Development and Stefan “Sparky” Smuts who graduated in the Diploma class of 2015.

The 48 Hour Film Project is a global initiative and this is the 7th year that Cape Audio College has been involved with the project. After our impressive performance at the 2016 award ceremony we brought in Chris and Luke Mason, and Jonathan “Noj” Cumming onto The Bass Pod show which runs every Friday on Cape Audio Radio. Chris and Luke Mason who are originally from Durban, grew up in a creative family and this allowed them to pursue careers in the film industry. They both took very different paths when it came to the film industry, one brother went straight into the industry and started at the bottom, while the other went onto study film. This was their second 48 Hour Film Project and this year they were in it to win it. Chris and Luke Mason put together the best team that they could imagine, their so called “dream team”. The project is great as it allows teams to be more creative than when they work in the commercial sector and these art films allow them to test their knowledge and skills. The team chose the go with the Silent Film genre and Luke Mason said that it was better than 90% of all of the genres that were on offer for 2016.

The guys had never worked with a sound design team and they didn’t quite know what to expect. It was great for them to see what value our talented guys could add to their production as a whole. Over all the Mason brothers were happy with the Cape Audio guys, as they were a perfect fit for the highly organised team. The set dressers, makeup artists and camera team would arrive ahead of the rest of the guys in order to maximise the limited time that they had. This also worked out great as everything was shot in 4K and this needed extra time to render. Noj who was in charge of the sound even brought his own unique flare to the project. Years ago he was camping in Croatia and a breeze was blowing over the strings of his guitar. This created an amazing sound as the strings vibrated and reverberated off of the guitars body. He then built his own prototype instrument to maximise the amazing melodies and harmonic structures, later Noj found out that this type of instrument is called an aeolian harp. For sound engineers, recording in the wind is usually a huge no, no. But the guys managed to record some amazing material which was reworked and used to create tension and set the mood for the silent film. The original mood music came from two samples, but they were heavily reworked in order to create the final music. Noj was extremely impressed with the Cape Audio College team and praised them for their professionalism. If there was an issue, they would sit down and find a solution to make sure that the sound was to the high standard that the Mason brothers had envisioned for the project.

They were one of the 27 teams that managed to hand in their completed project in the tight 48 hour deadline. But their hard work paid off and they landed up winning; Best Musical Score, Best Sound Design, Best Use of Genre, Best Actor, Best Cinematography, and Best Overall Film. Luke and Chris said that they would love to work with the guys again and that their professionalism and skill was a testament to what we at Cape Audio College are striving to achieve in the local sound industry.