Ex Graduate Kelly Laskey Making Big Waves In The Post Production Scene


The other day, ex graduate Kelly Laskey came for a visit. We sat down and caught up with her and see what the Sound Engineering Field has taken her.

When did you study here at Cape Audio College??


What Was Your Favourite part of studying Cape Audio College?

The access to high-end equipment that was always at my disposal and the people that were always around willing to help, whether it be lecturers or other students. We were all in it together, and everyone loved what we did. It was a passion that drove people at CAC, not money or a job.

Current job/ previous jobs since studying here??

After studying I went into live sound as a freelance engineer for a year, then hustled my way into the film industry as a sound utility technician/sound assistant for 2 years, and now I am a boom operator. I work mainly on international long-form productions (movies or series longer than 4weeks)

What international projects have you worked with??

Every project is different and as a boom operator, you work with whatever location sound mixer the production company hires. I have worked with a few international mixers from America, Germany, England and Canada. But the South African location sound mixers I have worked with have all been amazing.

What advice would you give the current students at Cape Audio College??

Sound is a crazy industry, there are many paths, whether you want to produce or mix or master, or perform or do theatre or do live sound or end up in the film industry, there are many possibilities that all follow the foundation of sound. As a boom operator, I get to play with sound in a way that is different from how a producer would. So my advice is: There is a foundation of the sound that we all learn in the first year, the way sound works and how we hear it that is the most important thing we need to remember. No matter what avenue of sound you want to go down the fundamentals is the same. Never forget the fundamentals!

What international productions have you worked??

Jobs I’ve worked on include :

Indian detective (Canadian)

Deutschland 86 (German)

Inside man 2 (American)

Our Girl 3 and our Girl 4 (British)

Alles Malan (South African)

‘N Ander men’s (South African)

Bulletproof 2 (American)


Anything you wish you had done differently?

I regret not spending every day, all day at college. Many people from different walks of life are always in the studio or are studying with you or are lecturing you and I never spent enough time getting to know the people around me. You never know what connections could be made in a place like a Cape Audio College. We chose to study something very specialised, nobody studies sound not knowing what they want to do with it. My peers have gone to do cool things like an engineer for good luck or own their studio or start their own media production company.

Final Thoughts

Sound is cool. I got into sound because I loved music and I loved playing the drums and bass guitar. I studied at CAC thinking I want to be in the studio making music then when I was here I discovered I wanted to do post-production but then I fell in love with being outside and doing live sound because it kept me active and I got to be a badass sound engineer in lots of locations. Little did I know the film industry always had my heart and doing sound on set was a whole new world of sound I loved. My point is there is so much out there and the more you get to know the sound and the more you explore her you realized how incredibly intricate she can be.