First Akai MPC Touch in South Africa

Working closely with professional audio manufacturers is what sets Cape Audio College apart. We recently received the very first Akai MPC Touch in South Africa and we are quite impressed with what Akai has delivered in their latest high-end MPC. Taking it straight to our state of the art S6 studio we proceeded to make an unboxing video with our Drum & Bass enthusiast and Deputy Head Gaston Roulstone.

While most unboxing videos can be a bit bland, Gaston who owns a few Akai MPC’s takes you through the good and the bad of the new MPC Touch. For those who own or have used some of Akai’s MPC’s, the new Touch has a very similar layout to some of Akai’s other MPC’s, which is great as some manufacturers do a complete overhaul, leaving some users annoyed with the layout. An Akai MPC would not be the same without the famous rubber pads, which are not just touch sensitive, but also respond to changes in velocity. Boasting individual LED’s the pads can be full customized to indicate different modes and functions and this will make work flow a lot faster. The all metal chassis feels sturdy and can take a beating if you accidently drop it while using it for a live show. The biggest feature though of the new MPC is of course the addition of a touch screen. The 7-inch touchscreen offers rich colours and offers quite a high resolution, this touchscreen also allows for the seamless integration with the MPC software. Overall we are quite impressed with the new Akai MPC Touch.

So enjoy our unboxing video and let us know in the comments what you think of the new MPC Touch and stay tuned for our second video, where we will be doing a production video with the Akai MPC Touch.