Fokofpolisiekar takes over concerts in the park


On Sunday the 4th of March crowds of people arrived at De Waal Park in Oranjezicht, Cape Town. The atmosphere was high as crowds of people were awaiting the performance one of South Africa’s most legendary bands of all time, the infamous Fokofpolisiekar. We are very proud to say that FPK members, Wynand Myburgh and Froincois Van Coke, cut their musical teeth at Cape Audio College. One of the key factors in these large-scale performances is the sound, fortunately Cape Audio College was there to assist.

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Cape Audio College provided the technical support for this past Sunday’s “concerts In the park” session at De Waal Park, which is known for the amazing atmosphere at these concerts. Opening acts include the Gugulethu Tenors who amazed audiences with their majestic voices and Mr. Cat and the Jackal who captivates the viewer with their range of talents including playing a wood-saw and finally Fokofpolisiekar stole the show! With a Allan&Heath  iLive-T112 mixer at hand, the sound was bound to be crystal clear.

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A big thank you to Terence Collings and Wayne Dennis for their involvement with this very successful event. Attendees of this performance definitely experienced the time of their life with perfect weather, good music and off course amazing sound!

Photos provided by: Daniel Sherman