Gavin Goldberg amazes with his 2 day masterclass

Redbull studios Monday Tuesday 2017-51

It’s not often that you have a multi-platinum award winning sound engineer in your presence, but at Cape Audio College we made that happen for a few lucky people! Having spent a few days in the Abbey Road studio in UK, Gavin Goldberg visited Cape Audio College to convey some of his knowledge and industry experience to attendees of his workshop at Cape Audio College.

On the 9th of November, a crowd of 14 sound engineering enthusiast got together in the famous S6 room at Cape Audio College. You could feel the excitement in the air as the ever-modest Gavin Goldberg entered the studio and Rae De Jager (Head of institution) introduced him to attendees. The story of how Goldberg started his career is absolutely amazing, to say the least. He has a history of successes that he has achieved due to his keen interest in the art of recording and cutting his teeth at Cape Audio College. He talked about his experience working with top artist in the industry including Simply Red, Simple Minds, Daniel Bedingfield, Neil Young and a list of international artists.

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After a short introduction, he explained what he will be doing for the next two days and what he plans for the outcome of the workshop. He started off by jumping into the actual onsite production session with Cape Town based band, Jimm Harisson Project. 2 Days prior to the workshop, Goldberg and the Jimm Harisson Project guys started working on one of the band’s songs called Goldrush. Gavin took the song, stripped it down to its basic elements and then suggested different elements to be added to the song.

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Goldberg has a way of identifying sounds and song structures that speak to the ear and gets your feet stomping uncontrollably. He spent about 2.5 hours recording short sound clips from the individual band members while producing them. After that session, attendees where really hungry and fortunately Cape Audio College ensured that stomachs were filled with delicious snacks. After lunch, the crowd retrieved back to the studio to continue further with the workshop.

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On the 1oth of November attendees arrived early to have a quick chat with Goldberg right before the first session started. After a quick coffee the workshop commenced with another music production session followed by examples of Goldberg’s older work. He explained the recording, mixing and production techniques that he uses, as well as what he is listening for in a recording to make the song become a radio hit. The last two hours of the workshop he rounded off with a Q&A session where attendees could ask all the questions that they still had. Microphones, recording layout, speakers, software and all instruments of the trade were discussed and at 6pm Friday night a few pictures were taken before individuals left for a well-deserved weekend.

Cape Audio College once again thanks Gavin for hosting this very insightful workshop and hopes to see him back in Cape Town very soon!

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