Testing out the JBL 7 Series monitors

Having worked closely with the audio industry for the better part of two decades has allowed us to build up relationships with the top manufactures in the world. JBL is a house hold name when it comes to the audio industry. Whether it is a live sound or a studio setup, JBL has a solution to suit your needs. Their new 7 Series monitors are no exception to the rule and are perfect for post and broadcasting production studios. We were very fortunate to receive a set of LSR708i reference monitors to test in our state of the art S6 studio.

The 7 Series are JBL’s next generation multi-channel monitors and use the same patented technology that can be found in their flagship M2 Master Reference monitors. Meeting the requirements for today’s production formats, the 7 Series offers great dynamic range and incorporates JBL next generation “Super Drivers”. Furthermore it requiring a complex amplifier, which means it can offer great separation, clarity and extended frequency.

Most recording and post production studios in South Africa don’t even have the Series 7’s installed, yet alone any tertiary institution that offers courses in sound. So we are very fortunate to have the chance to test out these top of the line monitors and chose to test them in our flagship studio, as we already have high-end Unity Audio Boulder Mk II’s installed. Striving to offer our students the best practical experience in South Africa, our third year Diploma in Sound Technology and Production students got the chance to work in our S6 studio in order for them to experience the differences between the high-end monitors. This experience offers students the opportunity to develop a finer tuned ear for sound, which cannot simply be learned through theory. And this is why we try to expose our students to different products and brands, allowing them true hands on practical experience.