A new era with Roland Aira

We have a long standing relationship with Paul Bothner Music and when they called us about the new Roland Aira gear last year we didn’t hesitate for the chance to test out the Aira range. Roland has been at the forefront of the synthesis world for over four decades, and we were extremely excited to test out their latest gear. We were very fortunate to have been sponsored the TB-3, a performance-ready bass synthesizer, the System-1, a plug-out modular synthesizer, the TR-8, a performance rhythm machine, and the MX-1, an 18-channel performance mixer. Now, with all of our courses teaching music production at different levels, we feel that it is very important for our students to experience different gear from different manufactures, as it broadens their horizons in terms of music production knowledge and practical skills.

We also had the chance to demonstrate the Roland Aira gear at Africa’s biggest tech conference, Mediatech in Johannesburg. Our Deputy Head, Gaston Roulstone showed the wide array of different expo goers how easy the Aira gear is to work with, as he created fresh electronic beats from scratch. Gaston Roulstone and one of our Music Production lecturers, Bernard Knight also attended the Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference which was held at the Protea Fire and Ice Hotel, where they did a live demonstration of the Roland Aira gear for Paul Bothner’s tech workshop.
We would like to thank Roland and Paul Bothner Music for sponsoring these great pieces of equipment to the college.