The college has over 60 fully equipped, world-class multi-track recording studios, mix-down areas, digital and analogue editing suites and other practical work areas. We offer exceptional recording spaces such as the AVID S6 suite, the first training studio fit with a AVID S6 console in the world, or the Live Room, offering a huge space with hard wood floors and variable acoustics. Our superior studios acoustically and electronically simulate the professional environments, catering to every possible sound recording need.

  • AVID S6 suite & Live room
  • Main Studio & Live room
  • Studio 1
  • QU32 Room & Live room

The AVID S6 control surface is the very latest in cutting edge technology from the makers or Pro Tools. The Cape Audio College is the very first audio training institution in the world to fit an AVID S6 console. With this new system paving the way for professional DAW control, the S6 is finding its way into some of the most successful studios around the world. With immense control and unmatched workflow, this surface will provide Cape Audio College graduates with an upper hand when seeking employment nationally and internationally.


The studio itself is equipped to deal with the most demanding of recording and mixing tasks and is capable of creating world-class productions. With some of the most sought after outboard processing available, students can gain a real sense of how a high-end studio operates. The S6 suite is a dedicated training environment for third year students studying a Diploma in Sound Technology and Production, but is also used for professional productions by some of South Africa’s more well known artists and engineers during down time.


The AVID S6 suite also features a 150 square meter, double volume live room with three dedicated isolation booths. The live space is acoustically treated to provide excellent sound control and can accommodate even the largest band. A loading bay is available for direct loading of equipment into the live room and communications are provided for using infrared CCTV cameras and hear back, talkback systems.

  • AVID M40 S6 control surface (32 faders)
  • Unity Audio Boulder Monitors
  • Unity Audio Avalanche subwoofer
  • ADAM A7X near field monitors.
  • Yamaha NS-10m Studios.
  • Hearback headphone distribution.
  • 32 I/O Pro Tools HDX system. (Pro Tools 11)
  • Motu Midi timepiece
  • 3 x Avalon 737 microphone preamps.
  • 8 x Focusrite ISA 828 microphone preamps.
  • 16 x AVID digitally controlled microphone preamps
  • 2 x Maag EQ4
  • AML Pultec EQP-1A
  • AML Pultec MEQ-5
  • Focusrite RED 2 EQ
  • IGS S-Type bus compressor
  • 2 x API 527 compressors
  • 2 x Purple Audio Action Compressors
  • Looptrotter Monster Compressor
  • Eventide H7600 Ultraharmonizer
  • Focusrite RED 3 Compressor
  • Microphones from Neumann, AKG, Royer, Shure.

The main studio at the Cape Audio College has been designed and fitted as a world class recording facility, giving students the opportunity to gain valuable experience with cutting edge industry tools. Although audio theory is of great importance, an employable engineer is an engineer with practical experience. Our students gain this valuable experience by producing various course assignments within these studios. Our studios are constantly evolving providing a real world environment that brings the best out of both engineer and artist alike.


The heart of the main control room is supported by an Audient ASP large format recording / mixing consol, the kind of mixer you would find in any world class studio. This is backed up by the superb Radar digital multi-track recorder boasting some of the best sounding converters in the biz. Your audio is then controlled and manipulated using the latest in Protools technology running on extremely powerful Macintosh Pro workstation. Pair this with our extensive range of outboard processors and you have an extremely versatile analogue / digital hybrid environment designed specifically for the production of high quality music and  audio.


The main control room has access to a large live area with enough inputs to record up to 24 instruments simultaneously. Further isolation is provided with 2 additional iso booths for effective live recording.

  • Audient ASP 8024
  • iZ Radar Classic Digital Multitrack
  • Macintosh G5 running Protools
  • Command 8 digital control surface
  • Yamaha NS-10m Studio Monitors
  • JBL LSR powered monitors
  • JBL Control 10
  • Focusrite Red 3 compressor
  • Focusrite Red 2 EQ
  • 2 X dbx 160A compressor
  • dbx 166XL compressor
  • LA audio 4X4 Compressor / Gate
  • Symetrix 425 dynamics
  • Symetric 564E Quad Gate
  • Ensoniqu DP-4 multi effects
  • Lexicon MX-300 multi effects
  • 2 x Boss SX-700 multi effects processors
  • Digidesign Digi002 protools interface.
  • Carver and Alesis Amplification
  • Novation midi controller
  • Presonus Fireport AD/DA
  • LCD video output

Our second full analogue recording studio. The famous and extremely widely used Mackie 8 buss mixing console provides the centrepiece for this digital analogue hybrid studio. With 48 analogue channels and sixteen digital I/O’s, you can be sure of the maximum amount versatility when recording and mixing. Experience on this system is crucial as many of the industry standard mixers are based on the Mackie system. Gaining experience in this room will provide skill in the fields of recording, mixing, live sound, post production, music production and voice over recording. Studio one features a good sized, dedicated live area with enough inputs to track a full band. With a versatile and cutting edge  Pro Tools system, studio one will always be a great audio environment tucked away at the back of the college where the knowledge hungry audio enthusiast can hone his or her skills.


Studio 1 is fitted with full video post production facilities including duel split screen monitoring and DV output with video playback, and with the Event 20/20 monitoring system can be trusted that your work will sound great no matter where you are playing it back

The QU32 room at Cape Audio College offers an extremely comprehensive multitrack recording facility outfitted with the most up to date digital console and control surfaces available. The room boasts an Alan and Heath QU32 digital console providing up to 32 individual microphone and line inputs divided between two dedicated isolation booths. The drum booth is carefully treated space with a floating floor providing a highly sought after acoustic character ideal for most drum recording applications. The second booth is a multipurpose recording space that can be used for a variety instruments and vocals. The control room features state of the art recording equipment, acoustic treatment and JBL monitoring systems that provide the students with an unparalleled, large format multitrack recording facility. Both isolation booths include the proprietary Alan and Heath personal monitoring systems allowing the artists to ensure they are hearing exactly what they need to provide the best performance. Once the recordings are done the QU32 console transforms into a dedicated digital audio workstation control surface allowing students to control Pro Tools directly from the hardware console itself. This allows smooth transitions through the stages of recording and production and simulates the global trends students will encounter in the working world.