Trick or Treat

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On the 1st of November the third year students of Cape Audio College had their live sound module evaluation. The students were required to arrange their own event at Mercury Live in Cape Town and they did so with passion and a splash of horror.

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The students set up a Facebook marketing campaign and posted updates on the event every day of the campaign. Finaly on the 30th of November, the students arrived early at Mercury to set up the décor for the event and most important of all, the sound!

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The lineup for the event was very exciting including acts like Marene, Jimm Harisson Project, DACH, Chackmate and MURDOK. Soundcheck took place between 5:30 and 6:30 on the 1st of November. Lights were tested, monitor mixes prepared and amps turned to the perfect tone.

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The event kicked off with Checkmate on the decks, followed by the MC announcing the first band, Jimm Harisson Project. JHP entertained the crowd with their blues-influenced modern rock sound. With electrifying solo’s and out of the ordinary performance, they had the crowds screaming for more.

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Right after Jimm Harisson Project, Marene got on the stage and blew the crowd away with their punk-rock music and contributing dance moves. Their music had the crowds dancing and their performance kept even the conservative crowds tapping their feet.

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As Marene left the stage with the crowd still warmed up, DACH B2B Murdok came on stage and blast the crowd away with soul moving beats. The evening ended off on a high note with the crowds hearts pumping with new tunes. A very successful night organised solely by the third year students of Cape Audio College.

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